Duty Free Shopping in Negril Jamaica

Duty & Tax Free Shopping in Negril Jamaica is quite possibly one of the best kept secrets in Jamaica offering an opportunity to enjoy an outstanding vacation and shop in a hassle free environment.

While there are many reasons for visiting Negril Jamaica, one is the incredible array of Duty & Tax Free shopping opportunities. On this tropical island, you can purchase everything from keepsakes to luxury gifts, conventional merchandise and unique items that have been beautifully handcrafted by local islanders.

Times Square Mall, also known as the Times Square Plaza, offers the best shopping experience in Negril Jamaica. The duty free shops are well designed and beautifully appointed offering a first world shopping experience – with the exception that duties and taxes do not apply; passing tremendous savings directly to the consumer.  Dreams can become reality when shopping for duty free goodies at Time Square Mall. With a wide array of high quality and luxury items, from some of the most famous brands of watches and jewelry, visitors return year after year to enjoy great prices and savings of between 20-40% below comparable prices in the US.

Duty free shopping is not a new concept and in fact, it was first established in 1947 at the Shannon Airport in Ireland. The initial concept was to offer airline passengers a special service while traveling on flights between North America and Europe. Then in 1960, Robert Miller and Charles Feeney, two entrepreneurs from the United States, created “Duty Free Shoppers” or DFS in Hong Kong. However, it was after DFS was secured in Hawaii that popularity skyrocketed.

People were so enthralled with this new way of making purchases while traveling that duty free shopping quickly became popular throughout the world and remains highly sought after today. Following the success in Hawaii, the famous Louis Vuitton was fascinated with DFS, leading him to acquire an interest. Before long, many other destinations began to offer duty free shopping, including the Caribbean.

The Caribbean has earned its reputation for having some of the finest duty free shopping in the world, and when it comes to jewelry, watches and precious stones, Jamaica is a standout. The resort town of Negril Jamaica at Time Square Mall is a paradise for shoppers looking for great value.

You can feel secure with Time Square Duty Free merchants and purchase with confidence.  They have represented some of the world’s leading luxury brands for decades, and have established a sterling reputation for quality and integrity. It’s important to buy from an authorized dealer when looking for brand-name watches or jewelry to ensure authenticity. In addition, you’ll also get a manufacturer’s warranty, should anything happen.

While in Negril Jamaica you can choose from a broad selection of fine merchandise and souvenirs and gift items at exceptional values at Time Square Mall.