Ricks Café

Opened in 1974 on the West End Cliffs in Negril, Ricks Café is one of Jamaica’s most famous tourist attractions and local hot spots. Rick’s is a great place to spend the day and it is one of the most popular places to dine and enjoy some of the best sunsets in the world. Rick’s Cafe has received several awards throughout the years including, the “Best Caribbean Live Reggae Bar” and the “Best Caribbean Sunset” by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

The main attraction at Rick’s is the cliff jumping opportunities that it offers. Due to the unique location of the cafe, visitors normally have the opportunities to enjoy jumps from 10 to 30 ft off the cliff into the Caribbean Sea. This makes it one of the best cliff diving spots in Jamaica and it is highly recommended for more adventurous souls.

Apart from its cliff jumping opportunities, Rick’s is a place like no other. The cafe features a bar, a restaurant, an infinity pool, a souvenir boutique, lounge deck, and amazing views of the beautiful sea. Ricks Café also offers music shows that feature live reggae bands performing throughout the week. To add to its thrilling experience, Rick’s has a Caribbean rope swing.

To complete its offerings, the restaurant at Rick’s Cafe offers an extensive menu to accommodate any taste. The menu includes items like steak, pasta, seafood and all types of chicken. The drink menu is also quite expansive. When the sun goes down the cool lounge comes alive and is complemented by the endless Caribbean Sea. Dining on the cliffs by moonlight is a cool feature that can be enjoyed by couples. The Cafe is open all day, every day and it is a great place to spend an afternoon or to hang out in the evenings.