Shopping for Bob Marley Merchandise

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Shopping for Bob Marley MerchandisAs you probably already know, Bob Marley is a name synonymous with Jamaica. Born Nesta Robert Marley in 1945, he was a famous singer and songwriter that most people relate the Reggae genre of music with. Marley was not only one of the distinguished members of The Wailers’ band and solo artist who achieved huge success, but also a strong political advocate who opposed South African apartheid.

Marley’s influence in music along with his religion and political stance made him a figure that is still held in high regard today. When most people hear the name “Bob Marley”, they immediately envision a bright man who enjoyed marijuana, had long dreadlocks, and often wore tie dyed shirts. Because of his legacy, Bob Marley merchandise is sold throughout the Jamaican island.

In Negril, you can find an assortment of Bob Marley merchandise sold in quaint shops, by roadside and beachside vendors, and even at multiple stores in the Times Square Plaza. An unfortunate misconception about purchasing items from this shopping mall is that prices are higher. In truth, not only will you find a much larger variety of Bob Marley merchandise but you will also benefit from duty free shopping.

Some of the other types of Bob Marley merchandise you will find at the Times Square Plaza in Negril Jamaica include CDs of his work as well as books about his life, buttons, posters, blankets, wall decals, hoodies, tote bags, bracelets, short and long beanie caps, sunglasses, rolling papers, baby rompers, dog tags, beaded necklaces, rasta hats, iron on patches and the list goes on.

Although many of the Bob Marley items sold at the Times Square Plaza feature tie dye in one way or another, it is also common to find merchandise in a variety of colors to include white and red. However, some of the more sought after items are those that display green, gold, and black, the colors of the Jamaican flag. No matter what you have in mind, you can be sure to find it at the Times Square Plaza.

In addition to all the different Bob Marley merchandise you will find at this centralized shopping mall in Negril, the shops are all duty and tax free. This means you end up paying a lot less for your items, which makes it possible for you to purchase even more Bob Marley products and souvenirs.